Dear Tami Roman, An Open Letter

As I sit here still reeling off last night’s episode I must hand it to you, you really OUTDID yourself!  Looking at my Twitter timeline while you were “performing” for once I can say that most of Twitter agreed- you are out of control and your pressence on the show is disgusting!

Let me first say that if you are a victim/survivor of rape and other abuse my heart goes out to you as a woman, nobody should have to endure that BUT…  if you’re using those horrible things that happened to you to justify you being the nasty unlady-like female that you portray you are disrespecting every other woman that has gone through those things and NOT become a vulgar ridiculous mess.  No rapist/abuser makes you that, that is something you created on your own.

I applaud your “attempts” at getting help for your anger problems if for no other reason than so you don’t “spazz on a b*tch” or whatever silly ass reason you claim to be seeking help.  Again, you are making a mockery out of treatment which so many people expecially African Americans already shy away from and we so desperately need as a people.  How is it that you can not only make Black women look stupid but seeking anger management also?  Again, kudos to you for your extreme excellence in portraying ignorance.

As a viewer from past seasons I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention your “mean girl arrived” side that you are displaying now.  Need I tell you how sad and contradictory you look?  You’re making fun of people’s clothes and hair when same time last season you were a hot strip mall mess and yet I still found myself “trying” to like you…. until yesterday.

I’ve read in other blogs that this is a “role” for you and that you’re giving the people what they want as if this isn’t the real you and while I hope this is true I highly doubt you’re that good an actress.  The few things I’ve seen you in I can’t even rememeber what they were.  Even if this were just a role for you I ask you, a mother of teenage daughters; at what point is the “role” out of bounds? I’ve seen actors portray hookers and drug addicts that had more class and didn’t act as you do so again this leaves me a bit confused.

I want you to know that you are the “prototype” that those wishing to continue to tear us down as a race look for.  You have become the posterchild for a lesser class of woman that proudly wears the b*itch badge as you bully and “police” all the bitch, bitch and more bitches around you.   You should be ashamed!

I think that somehow you started believeing your own hype and you missed the obvious, while people may be “laughing” more are laughing AT YOU than with you, this shit aint cute!

Just wanted you to know what a REAL, real Black Woman felt about you and I say this not to hurt but to help because I truly hope you can get it together.  How DOPE would that be to show our younger sisters and daughters?


PS – the jailhouse cellblock testing of the new girl Kesha was ridiculous, who does that?  And she was 100% right in telling yall how to act at her event because with the exception of Shaunie all of you have acted a damn fool in public and notoriously at “charity events”.

Broken Friendships

Today Twitter was all ablaze with nasty tweets Evelyn Lozada was sending to her former BFF Jennifer Williams.  Evelyn was obviously trying to “clown” Jennifer but in my opinion quickly proved herself to be the clown.

I can’t even tell you what was said other than something about contacts cus’ that’s how INTERESTED I was in that  bullsh*t but it caused me to think of something.

Relationships don’t always last forever so when friends are no longer that’s no big deal to me BUT I think you often find out what friends were TRUE sadly when you’re no longer friends.  If your friendship was real then that person would never tell your secrets, things you’ve said to them in confidence or start to say nasty things about you, EVEN IF YOU DON’T SPEAK ANYMORE!

When people start saying crazy sh*t out their mouths it makes you wonder or REALIZE that they felt this way all along, even when yall were speaking.  That’s sad to me, there should be some code of honor concerning this, or maybe not, maybe some people just have class while others don’t.

Obama & The Finger Seen Across The World

The blatant disrespect that has been and IS being shown to President Barack Obama is disgraceful.  Never before has this type of behavior been exhibited by politicians and I feel it can only be attributed to him being Black.

What’s more concerning to me is the message it sends to others in the World.  Why should they respect our elected, some say “selected” leader when we can’t even show solidarity amongst ourselves?

It doesn’t bother me that people mostly the Republican Party disagree with things that he does, there will always be that.  It bothers me that the HATE has gotten to be so much, or always was in the first place and is now being demonstrated that people don’t even think about the “look” of it all.

Honestly when I saw the picture I thought a lot of things.  It could be the angle the picture was taken.  The lady could talk with her hands and the picture was snapped mid-motion or it could be EXACTLY what people think it is another sign of blatant disrespect.

What concerns me MOST about the picture is that is was even PUBLISHED!  Something like that should NEVER be seen especially by our enemies.  Imagine me sitting in another country somewhere hating America and I see that the American LEADER (whether they like it or not) is so disrespected that their own media companies report this and display it for everyone to see.

This country will NEVER be united, it’s just not going to happen but we should be united to enough to keep what goes on in our “house” in our house….

The American press and EVERYONE who posted that picture on their sites etc. should be ashamed!

Should Diasabled People Be Eligible For Transplants

I read a story about a 3 year old New jersey girl who allegedly was denied a donated kidney transplant due to her disabilities.  A doctor said the girl wasn’t eligible because of her quality of life and mental condition.  That’s just HORRIBLE isn’t it, but then again I can see the doctor’s point.

I think if this were a case of a family member providing the needed kidney and the doctor still refusing to do the transplant then I’d be all ready to scream bloody murder but in this case, not so much.

As a registered organ donor I would definitely want my organ to go to whoever it would help most but I don’t know if I would want a otherwise healthy person to be passed over to give my organ to a sicker person.  Does that sound messed up?  Does it sound like people are playing God and deciding who lives and who doesn’t?

On one hand I think it absolutely does and on the other I think it doesn’t.  I think it’s an understandable thing as rough as it may seem.  If that were my child I’d be pissed but since it’s not I think it’s sad but it is what it is.  Glad I’m not the doctor, hospital or parents in this situation.

Ending Relationships & Dating UP!

With all this talk of the Kobe Bryant divorce aside from the amount of money Vanessa is going to get being speculated all I’m hearing is who can she be with after Kobe as if Kobe is the “be all and end all”.

Looking at it from a GROWN WOMAN’S perspective I say Vanessa can date ANYONE after Kobe and they have the possibility of being better than him for HER!  Regardless of the size of a man’s bank account all women basically want the same thing and that’s to be treated good, loved and respected.

What makes Kobe so damn great?  Could it be the countless women he’s slept with or maybe the girl in Colorado or wherever it was that he had UNPROTECTED sex with?  GTFOH Kobe ain’t any better than anybody else, he just has more money.

More emphasis needs to be placed on getting into PROPER relationships rather than relationships that benefit you financially.