Black People, Welfare & How It Destroyed Families

All this talk about Black People and welfare particularly annoys me.  A lot of people would like the World to think that Black people are the majority or ONLY people on welfare etc and that’s simply not the case but that isn’t even my issue with welfare.  I think welfare particularly was used as a continued way to DESTROY BLACK FAMILIES and I’m about to show you how.

When welfare initially called ADC (Aid to Dependent Children) in 1935 was changed to AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children)  in 1962 partly due to the concern that the program’s rules discouraged marriage a lot of things were changed and these changes were made known to other ethnicities and withheld from Black people. 

Can I prove that this was intentional NO but I think once I explain everything to you it will be as obvious to you as it is to me.

Anyway since they added the families that meant the child’s father was considered part of that family whether the parents were married or not.  I think that was pretty forward thinking for whoever made that change and it should’ve been done because it’s RIGHT.  But hold up, Suzy out in Iowa was informed of this when she went to apply for aid but Tasha in Boston wasn’t.

Tasha was under the impression that she couldn’t or better yet SHOULDN’T name her child’s father and that he shouldn’t or better yet COULDN’T sign the birth certificate either because they would either “come after” the father or she wouldn’t receive aid at all. 

Was this a way for those higher up to create generations of BLACK BASTARD CHILDREN in the eyes of the law and continue the process of breaking black families that they’ve followed since Willie Lynch? 

Yeah, I’m back on this blogging sh*t and I’m going HARD but I need y’all to stay with me and pay attention cus’ I think this is so ingeniusly wicked but BRILLIANT!  Smh…

Hmmmmmm, that’s some slick azz sh*t ain’t it?  So here you have generation’s of children not being claimed “legally” by their fathers.  Or you have men who CAN’T be in the home with their children because of fear of benefits that are lawfully available to ALL OF THEM as a FAMILY UNIT being taken away.

I think that sh*t is criminal and those responsible should be prosecuted.

But let’s go back to Suzy in Iowa.  Suzy, her child and her child’s father are ALL now receiving AFDC and all of the benefits that it held in the beginning.  The no cost schooling, job training, health insurance, day care provided for the child while BOTH parents participated in these programs, food stamps and monetary assistance and guess what?  Suzy’s “FAMILY” is getting MORE money because they know the father is in the home and he’s being accounted for in the calculations.

Let’s head back up top to Tasha in Boston.  Tasha more than likely told her child’s father he had to leave or maybe he’s staying with her secretly.  Either way the father is now not privy to the free schooling or job training, the free health insurance, he’s not factored into the calculations determining how much food stamps or monetary aid Tasha receives and basically Tasha and her family are then turned into CRIMINALS allegedly beating the government out of what’s legally available to them had Tasha known. 

Now get this, when the social worker does eventually find out that Tasha’s child’s father is in fact in the child’s life and/or living with them Tasha’s benefits are cut off because the father is in the home and it wasn’t reported initially.  Now they’re penalizing Tasha for lying!  They can now either prosecute her or them both and make them pay back the benefits (which will be some crazy inflated amount) Tasha received and she’s now banned from the program and possibly any future government funded programs (such as finacial aid for school among other things) for whatever time period they deem.

This is some BULLSH*T and has been going on for YEARS before they changed the program to it’s new name which is TANIF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and supposedly cut a lot of the benefits I previously mentioned.

Do y’all see how I came up with the idea that welfare was used as another tool to break up Black Families now?  What are your thoughts, do you agree or disagree and why?


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